Where to Get a Domain Name and a Hosting: 1 Year for Free

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As you may know, when it comes to top-level domain names, the word “Free” should be taken with much doubt knowing the fact that a real domain name costs money for domain registrars and one question that should come to mind is:

Do domain registrars lose money without any benefit by giving people free domain names?

The short answer to this question is no.

In this article, I will try to explain how domain registrars and hosting services benefit from the offer of giving away domain names and web hostings for free.

I will also try to show you some offers by some of the very well known companies that offer free domain names and free hosting services for 1 year.

How Does it Work?

For Domain Names

The offer of a free domain name is most of the time used by domain registrars to attract potential customers to buy their hosting service.

It could also be used to collect user information and then sell them somewhere — for this, you should be careful, never upload your ID card in exchange for a free domain name and be sure to read the privacy policy of the registrar.

Also, it may be used to advertise a product by providing a limited quantity for Free: In this case, it may appear like the registrar is losing money, but in fact it is winning: the trick is instead of spending money on Advertisements, they provide a limited quantity of free domain names and let people do the advertisement for them by asking them to share the offer on social networks, forums, blogs... in exchange with the free domain name.

On top of these all, some registrars’ aim with an offer like this — of offering a free domain name — could be to attract new targeted users for their services: For a better conversion, they may target only people who live in rich countries, people who pay with credit card, students, etc.

For Web Hosting Services

The same thing goes for web hosting services; the services may look free, but on the long-term, they will be of great benefit to service providers.

Most of the time, free web hosting services are provided with limited resources in storage, memory, bandwidth, etc.

The goal of providing free limited resources to users is to turn them into customers by providing them the option to upgrade to a better offer at any time they feel like the free offer is not enough to run their website.

Is it a Good Idea to Get a Free Domain Name and a Hosting Service for your Business?

It all depends on the company that provides the services and what will be your website requirements at that time.

If you are planning as a starter to get your domain name / web hosting service from an established and a very well known company, then it is a good idea.

If it is not the case, then you'd better avoid getting your domain name or hosting service from a random company on the internet because you may lose both of them at any time without any notice.

On top of this, you may encounter many other problems such as a lack of technical assistance, a very poor website uptime, etc.

You should be very careful here, you may even stumble upon some registrars or hosting services that may redirect your website to another URL of another website or add advertisements to your website without your consent or knowledge.

In the following lines, I am going to show you 4 possible offers of a free domain name and a hosting service for 1 year.

1. Low-Quality Domain Names (Not Recommended)

I prefer to call "Low-Quality Domain Names" all those domain names that are constantly free of charges with less value.

Anybody, anywhere, anytime can register one of those domain names without paying a dime.

The problem with those is that they have a bad reputation on the internet. Consequently, having a similar domain name may hurt your brand.

For testing purposes, you can find Low-Quality Domain Names by simply typing on Google search the keyword: "Free Domain Names".

However, if you are planning to start a serious website, have a good reputation later, a better search engine ranking and many other benefits, you'd better spend $10 or less than that and get a real .com domain name.

For a limited time, you can get a real .com domain name for cheap from Godaddy for only $0.99 for 1 year .

2. Free Domain Names Offered when a Hosting Service is Purchased

As I mentioned earlier, many domain registrars and web hosting services offer you a free domain name for a whole year for free when you purchase one of their web hosting packages.

All is needed here is finding reputable hosting services, consulting their offers and choosing the best among them.

You can find some good offers on InterServer1&1Ultra ServicesNamecheap, and many others.

I personally prefer and recommend Godaddy's offer of 30% off on hosting + free domain name.

3. Free Limited Quantity Domain Names / Hosting

On holidays, registrars and web hosting services may offer a limited quantity of free domain names as well as free premium hosting services.

If you are lucky, you can get a free domain name and a hosting service for free or at a significantly discounted price on holidays like Christmas or on shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

4. Free Domain Names / Hosting: Targeted Offers

As I mentioned before, some registrars may target only a category of people in order to increase their sales knowing that fact that the chosen categories — of people — are the ones who are more likely to upgrade their packages, buy other services or at least will be kept as customers of that service for more years.

As an example, people who live in the USA can get a domain name and a hosting service 1 year for free from one.com 

The same goes for students. They can get a domain name and a hosting service for free for a whole year by simply signing up for Namecheap Education Program.


Getting a safe and a free domain name as well as a hosting service depend on the type of the offer and the reputation of the company offering the services.

If you are planning to start a serious website, you should be careful of low-quality domain names as they may compromise your business image on the internet.

The best way to have a free domain name is #2 by purchasing a hosting package that includes the free domain name, #3 Getting the domain name/hosting for free as a holiday offer or #4 benefiting from targeted offers.