Video: 4 Ways to Get a Free Domain Name — Hurry Up


Discover where to get a domain name and a web hosting for free for 1 year.

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Hello and welcome to a new video,

Today, I'm going to show you 4 ways to get a domain name for free for a whole year.

1. Low-Quality Domain Names

Low-quality domain names are all those domain names are all those domain names that are constantly free of charges with less value. Anybody, anywhere, anytime can register one of those domain names without paying a dime.

The problem with them is that they have a bad reputation on the internet. Consequently, having a similar domain name may hurt your brand.

For testing purposes, you can find low-quality domain names by simply typing on Google search the keyword: "Free Domain Names".

However, if you are planning to start a serious website, have a good reputation later, a better search engine ranking and many other benefits, you'd better spend $10 or less than that and get a real .com domain name.

For a limited time, you can get a real .com domain name for cheap for $0.99 only for a whole year.

2. Free Domain Names Offered When a Hosting Service is Purchased 

Many domain registrars and web hosting services offer you a free domain name for a whole year when you purchase one of their web hosting packages.

All is needed here is
  1. Finding reputable hosting services, 
  2. Consulting their offers,
  3. And choosing the best among them. 
For the best offers and coupons, I recommend. Check the description below this video.

3. Special Holiday Offers: Free Limited Quantity Domain Names

On holidays, registrars and web hosting services may offer a limited quantity of free domain names as well as free premium hosting services.

If you are lucky, you can get a free domain name and a hosting service for free or at a significantly discounted price
  1. On holidays like Christmas.
  2. Or on shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

4. Free Domain Names: Targeted Offers 

Some registrars may target only a category of people in order to increase their sales. The targeted category of people are the ones who are more likely to upgrade their packages, buy other services and remain a loyal consumer to the company for many years.

As an example, people who live in the USA can get a domain name and a hosting service 1 year for free from

The same goes for students. They can get a domain name and a hosting service for free for a whole year by simply signing up for Namecheap Education Program.

This is all, thank you so much for watching.

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