Video: The Biggest SEO Secret – Unbelievable Facts!


Secrets are not always hidden, they could be there in front of your eyes. Try to satisfy the three requirements that I am sharing with you in this video and watch your website ranking first.


Big secrets are not always hidden, they could be there, in front of your eyes.

Welcome to a new video.

This time, you are going to learn how to SEO your website before you launch it.

You are maybe wondering, is it possible? Yes, it is indispensable.

With the following 3 requirements that I'm going to share with you here, you will give a huge SEO push to your website.

1. Choose a Profitable Niche

In a previous video, titled How to Choose a Profitable Niche in 4 Easy Steps, I explained that choosing a profitable niche is like defining the content of the website by asking the questions of: What will my website contain? And what will the main keywords of articles revolve around?

The reason behind this is to avoid competition and also to be able to master and control the content of your website.

To learn how to choose a profitable niche, I suggest that you watch the previous video by clicking on the link found in the description.

2. Choose a Short And Easy Domain Name for Your Website

Right after defining your niche, you should choose a catchy name that is easy for people to remember.

In the SEO World, websites like Backlinko and Moz are an example of a good name because they are easy to remember.

You may ask, what does that have to do with SEO?

In fact, easy to remember domain names are much better than those that are not because of:
  1. Returning Visitors: They help your website’s visitors to remember the name and return to your website later after that they leave. 
  2. Click-Through-Rate: They may help in increasing CTR. Users that previously visited the website and found it helpful may visit your website again through Google and Bing by prioritizing and clicking on the links to your articles on the search list, or by typing the name of your website on the search bar – given the fact that they remember the name. 
Also, from a user standpoint, easy to remember domain names:
  1. Look professional, much better than long names. 
  2. Easy to mention on other websites without the need to copy and paste the link on Social networks, forums, blogs… etc. 
  3. Easy to talk about – by mentioning the name in comments, blog posts... etc. 
Search engines are able to detect many of these user behaviors which significantly contribute to your SEO overall.

If you really would like to give a big SEO push to your website, on top of the SEO strategies of choosing a niche, searching for keywords and optimizing content, consider its name too.

And finally, if you are using WordPress or Blogger as a plateform:

3. Use SEO Tools to Diagnose Your Themes

Many Themes today have a Demo website; before selecting a Theme, you can test it on different SEO tools to see which one is optimized for search engines.

Basically, you just need to check for the following:
  1. Website Loading Speed: The website should load quickly.
  2. Website Structured Data: It should contain Schema Markup, Facebook Opengraph, and Twitter cards. 
  3. General SEO issues: meta of language, description... etc. (They are less important if you are using WordPress, you can fix these using a plugin like Yoast SEO.)
More information on how to do SEO diagnosis will come next.

This is all for now. Thank you for watching.

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