Video: How to Choose a Profitable Niche in 4 Easy Steps


Here's a quick and easy method that helps you come up with a profitable niche. It starts with defining the website’s category and then selecting the website niche using some creativity and some tools.


Hello people, in this video, you are going to learn how to choose a profitable niche in easy 4 steps.

Before we begin, people may ask: what does a profitable niche mean?

Choosing a profitable niche is the process of defining the content of the website by asking the questions of: what will my website contain? and what will the keywords of my article revolve around?

By asking these questions, you will narrow down your interests into a few topics.

Choosing a niche is also a way to avoid high competition.

Let's say, you are interested in technology, and then you decide to start a general blog, news or magazine on technology. Will you be able to compete with established websites managed by a team of writers? Will you be able to control a site that needs hundreds of articles on tens of topics?

It's going to be difficult. Not only for your website to outrank some of your competitors' websites, but also for you to write tens of articles weekly on many topics regularly.

For this reason, it's very important to choose a specific interest. For example, 1 or 2 topics on technology with less competition if possible.

Before I share with you the 4 easy steps that will help you choose a profitable niche, first, let's select a category for the website in question.

In general, there are 4 main categories:
  1. Personal Websites as their name suggests, centered on a person, their information, pictures, hobbies, families, etc. 
  2. A Business Website is a website that showcases your business. It usually contains only a few pages detailing your business information.
  3. Online Storefront Website used to sell products or provide services in return for a specified amount of money. The operation is known as E-commerce, short for electronic commerce. 
  4. And finally a Content Publishing Website: is a website that publish information, news, tutorials updates and create a relationship with its readers can be categorized as content publishing websites. Blogs and magazines are a typical example of this category.
Let's suppose, the website you'd like to create is an Online Storefront Website:

Step 1: Know the Categories

To know what is general and what is particular, you should know the main categories inside that particular type of website.

For a storefront website, it’s easy to get the main categories. You can simply visit any well-known e-commerce website like eBay or AliExpress and then check the different categories available there.

Step 2: Narrow-down your interest

To specify a niche, one must first select a general interest, market or category that they got from eBay or AliExpress – let’s say “Electronics” – then narrow it down until it becomes easier to master and control.

In our case, it could be “smartwatches”, or a more specific keyword like “Chinese smartwatches”.

Step 3: Check the Level of Competitivity

In this step, you are going to check the level of competitiveness. For this, you can use Keyword Planner by Google Adword for free to see how much difficult the competition is in the specified niche.

If the competition is high, it means that it’s going to be difficult to rank well in Google Ads.

Step 4: Tuning the Keyword

The competition is always high, what should I do?

A solution to this is to tune the keyword a little bit by reversing the words and adding other keywords such as “smartphones made in China” or “Android smartphones made in China”.

You can try the new combination on Google Adwords again to see if it’s better.

If the competition is always high, do not worry, there are many ways to fix it.

In the next video, I will share with an alternative and a better solution than this, and all is needed is some creativity.

This is all for now. Thank you for watching.

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