Video: Getting a Free Domain Name & a Free Host - A Good Idea ?


Is it a good idea to get a free host and a free domain name for your business website? Discover the amazing answer to this question.


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Is it a good idea to get a free domain name and a hosting service for your business?

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The answer to whether it is a good idea or not depends on the company you choose to register your domain name and host your website with.

If you plan as a starter to go for an established and a very well-known company, then I believe it is a good idea.

However, if it is not the case, then you'd better avoid random companies because as what happened to many people before, you may lose both of your domain name and your hosted files at any time, and without any notice.

On top of this, you may also encounter many other problems such as a lack of technical assistance, a very poor website up-time and much more.

You should be careful when selecting a host and a registrar as you may even stumble upon companies that may redirect your website's visitors to other websites, or add advertisements without your consent or knowledge.
And by the way, what seems to be free is totally not.
For more information about this, I suggest that you watch the previous video, titled Free Domain Names. Is it True?

As a conclusion to this, choosing a serious company for a serious business website is the right decision to do.

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